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Specialized Security and Investigation Services (SSIS)

At SSIS, we offer professional and flexible services from private investigation to corporate security that can be customized to best address our client’s needs. Informed decision-making can make the difference between success and failure. We collaborate with local and international organizations to develop a comprehensive intelligence and information database to give you the tools necessary to make informed decisions that affect you and your company. SSIS provides a complete service spectrum from risk mitigation to risk control. We welcome both short and long-term opportunities and are capable of providing additional resources for a variety of new and existing in-house projects based on your specific needs. Our due diligence services help our clients investigate and qualify potential business leads, partners, employees as well as help to resolve problems before they arise.


SSIS team of highly skilled Montreal private investigators provide a range of intelligence and investigation services


To ensure the safety of people, property and information, we offer multiple customized security and protection services.